Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Response To Ski Trip

On Tuesday we drove to the ski field. There wasn’t as much snow as I
thought there would be, but there still lots of people. We all got our skis,
boots, and goggles and helmets for some of us. We got different passes,
I got a all mountain pass and some other people got a beginners pass,
because they had not skied before.

I went down the chair lift twice and skied with my friends. I thought that the
trip was really fun and I really enjoyed it.    

In this photo we are in a lesson and are trying not to slide back into the
fence behind us.

Response On St John

On Monday in the afternoon Catherine from St John’s came to Karoro school.
Room 1 went to the tech centre to do a St Johns course. We learned what
DRSABCD means, the D stands for Danger, the R stands for response, the
S stands for send for help, the A stands for airway, the B stands for breathing,
the C stands for CPR or Commence, the D stands for Defibrillation.

We also learned how to do CPR and Defibrillation on a dummy. We were
put into groups of eight, all the girls were put together and there were two
groups of boys. There were eight dummies at the front of the room. The
first group of boys went to the front and done CPR on the dummies as well
as Defibrillation. Then the our group (girls) went up, and after that the other
boys group.  

I thought that learning to do CPR was good because if something happened
in real life it would be good to know what to do. I thought it was fun and I
enjoyed it.

Te Uru

Walt: participate in the learning of others.
Why: Building on our transition to high school.

Success Criteria: be active participants in a new cultural game.
:use our listening skills, watch, ask questions and practice.

On Tuesday 10CH from Grey High School, walked to our school. They were a
group of year ten students that came to teach us a cultural game called Te Uru.
I had never played Te Uru before but it was fun.

The rules were, you had to catch the ball with a flat palm, and basically netball
rules like no stepping with the ball and no knocking the ball out of other people's
hands. We did drills to practise catching the ball in our flat palm and also practised
intercepting the ball. I found it hard at first to catch the ball with a flat palm but then
I got use to it.

I would suggest for next time that there were more teams so that there was more space
on the field, also that there were two refs and at least one would be watching the game.  

Friday, 10 August 2018

Designing A Logo

Today in Ms Chowfin's class we learn't how to change the google logo. We changed the logo on Scratch. We changed the colors the background and the letters. We are learning design principles.