Friday, 10 August 2018

Designing A Logo

Today in Ms Chowfin's class we learn't how to change the google logo. We changed the logo on Scratch. We changed the colors the background and the letters. We are learning design principles. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Finding Refuge

Children have escaped persecution, but they can’t
outrun the latest threat.

The main idea in this article is about the monsoon season causing flooding
in Bangladesh were the refugees are. The main people that are talked
about in this article are the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees
who have escaped Myanmar from persecution. The refugees are now in
Bangladesh and are now at risk from the raging storms that are hammering
the region.

In the past week a three year old boy has been the first death of
Bangladesh's monsoon season. The three year old boy lived with his family
in there makeshift shelter, by a mud wall. The three year old boy was
crushed in his sleep and his mother was badly injured when the mud wall
collapsed. Since then another two people have been killed.

For many weeks thousands of refugee families have been preparing for
the monsoons. The families only have little shacks that are clinging to hills,
with just blue tarpaulin to keep them safe and dry. The makeshift city goes
on for kilometres. Not even the shelters on higher ground are safe from the
torrential rain. Even the shelters that have been strengthened are unlikely
to survive the outrageous high winds. It is very likely that a tropical cyclone
will strike the region.  
The potential for disease outbreak is very high. Already, almost 19,000
refugees are living in high risk areas and have been relocated to safer land,
and another 18,000 to be relocated by the end of the month.

The torrential rain also causes problems for agencies that are trying to
deliver life-saving humanitarian aid. This is one of the solutions that have
been tried.
Out of the one million Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh, around
half of them are children. They have escaped persecution, but the still
remain in desperate   need of protection.

It made me think that lots of children refugees are at risk of dying every day from the
monsoon season. This text made me feel sad because there has already been three deaths.
I also felt lucky because I am not at risk from mud slips and flooding every day.

My life is similar or different to the children in the text in that :

We are both kids
We both need food and shelter
I am not a refugee
I live in the country I choose to live in.

Some solutions that I have thought about to help the children who are Rohingya refugees
living in Bangladesh are move them to a island that does not have monsoon season.
With better shelters, fresh food and fresh, good water.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Book Review

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Do you like science fiction? Well this book is waiting for you to read it!
The genre of this book is science fiction. It is a novel that is adventurous
and teaches us to never stop but to keep going forward.

The setting in The Giver is in a town where you only see black and white.
There is no pain, no hunger and no war in this town. The Giver is also set
in the country and through rough and uneven ground.

The main character is Jonas.Jonas is a kid that lives in a town that can
only see black and white. Jonas lives with his younger sister and his
mother and farther. As Jonas gets older he gets the job as the new receiver
of memory.

Jonas has lived his life not knowing the truth and is about to find out every
little secret and memory about his town. Jonas meets The Giver on his
first day at work, Jonas starts to understand why he was given this job.
He soon finds out that he has to go on a mission to share his secrets and
memories with his town.

I connect to this book because some of the characters are around my age.
When Jonas is on his mission he doesn’t stop he keeps going to protect
him and his friends.

My opinion of The Giver is that the story was great. The Giver captivated
me because there was a lot happening. I understood The Giver very well.

I recommend people who enjoy adventurous books and from the ages
10 and up.

Lois Lowry is a great author and has written lots of books. I particularly
enjoy her books because they are adventurous and interesting.  


Tuesday, 19 June 2018


International Space Station

Key Points

I will have been successful in my reading when:
  • I have read each of these articles
  • I have written two or three complete paragraphs to summarise the key ideas within these
three articles.

The ISS orbits the earth in 90 minutes, and travels 16 times around the earth once a day it also
travels 400 km and 320 km above us. The ISS is the biggest object ever sent into space to orbit
the earth. 16 countries, including many ESA member states all worked together to build the Station.
The biggest part of the ISS is a central truss which 16 huge solar panels are attached to.
The Columbus laboratory was transported to the ISS by shuttle  on the 11th of 2008.
The astronauts study plants, animals and weightlessness.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

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